Base of Snoqualmie Falls
Photo Credit Erin Nimrichter (2019)

I currently live and am originally from northeast Ohio but have lived all over the place thanks to the 10 years I spent in the Navy. In addition to being a photographer, I’m also an air traffic controller. I’m self-taught in photography. I originally learned the technical aspects through trial and error in my early twenties. The first camera I took seriously was the Canon Powershot G2. I primarily use Nikon equipment today. I use the Z9, D6 and D850 on the digital side, and the FE and FM3a for 35mm film.

Six years ago I started a photography business and exclusively photographed birds and wildlife under the name CalicoFoto. In early 2020 I opened a gallery with the Lorain County Metroparks (LCMP). Unfortunately, after a successful opening, 2020 happened and it went mostly unseen. This prompted me to expand into other genres. While the CalicoFoto moniker is now retired, my interest in birds is not, and I’ll continue that along with new photographic endeavors.

I’m a member of the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA), Audubon’s Great Egret Society, I’ve been published online and in print with Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology and am an active member of their citizen science project eBird. I’m also a member of Nikon Professional Services.

Image Credit: Erin Nimrichter (2019)


telephone/ text: +12165341277

IG: @dmgrossi_photo

line (日本語): daniel.grossi

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