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Need a photographer? I may or may not be perfect for you!

Do you have a cat, turtle, dog, snake, child, ferret, horse, armadillo or some other creature to which you hold in high esteem? Would you like a professional image of said creature you would be proud to share with others you hold in equally high esteem? Or perhaps you’d like something to put on your wall or desk at work so you don’t forget you have that special creature in your life?

What I will not do is meet you at a local park at sunset to make images of you and your family, on a bridge, all wearing khaki pants and white polo shirts. There are a lot of people you can find to do that who are likely much better at it than I.

What I will do however, is invade your personal space by entering your home, backyard, front yard, garage, place of work or favorite spot and photograph your creatures in their natural habitats.

I truly have no idea what I’ll charge you, but I promise it will most definitely not be free. This service is provided on a case-by-case basis. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, send me an email at contact-me@danielmgrossi.com with an idea of what you’re looking for. Yes, I’ll probably do your event, or maybe I won’t. I definitely will not photograph your wedding. If you are a personal friend of mine or member of my family – I still won’t do your wedding. I recommend you hire someone that does that for a living.

Below are some example images of what I may or may not do for you.

  • JU6_2729 - Olivia XI
  • APR_8493 - Yuuki Wide Eyed
  • DEC_7112
  • DEC_6694 - Amara
  • NM (830) - Night Market Dancing
  • JU8_3942
  • JU6_4723 - Debbie and Computer
  • APR_7583 - Princess 34 Face
  • JU6_5210
  • JU6_2254 - Olivia VI
  • DEC_6495 - Amara & Hat
  • DE6_0540 - Princess
  • DE6_0553 - Ookiashi
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